Freeman Tailor

By Minotti

With it's highly innovative personality, Freeman "Tailor" interprets the current widespread need to create dynamic, differently accessorized islands of relaxation in which to live more intimately -- like for reading and chilling out completely, or more social moments like conversing or spending time with family and friends.  

Freeman Tailor is an orderly clustering of shapes, with one-piece seats decorated with elegant stitching that accentuates it's graphic, modern personality.  The sophisticated tailoring of the upholstery reveals the company's expertise in executing extremely complex fine-tailoring techniques.  

The pieces in leather or fabric are assembled using a strip of eco-leather and double-stitched motif that lend a unique sense of depth.  To make the project even fresher and more contemporary is the option to streamine the proportions by choosing the "wing" armrests or backrests, both featuring the tasteful wing design reated through the use of a metal structure covered in polyurethane foam.  

Freeman Tailor displays a bold personality and a cheerful spirit sufficient to carry the starring role or to go-star when paired with Freeman "Duvet" elements.   A SMINK showroom model.


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