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As a Norwegian company Eikund is surrounded by magnificent nature in all directions. What they see every day is never taken for granted, it inspires them to always improve and do better. Sustainability plays a key role in all Eikunds processes, whether it concerns material sourcing, manufacturing solutions, quality control or logistics. They hold themselves accountable to five promises: 

  1. CREATING LONG-LASTING PRODUCTS: Eikund's ambition is to produce classics with the highest quality level possible, while taking environmental considerations from start to finish, which is why they use the best materials and craftsmanship in everything they do. 
  2. RESPONSIBLE SOURCING:  Eikund works with all suppliers in the same manner, always teaming up with companies that have the same standards and look at the environment as a driving force to become more innovative. 
  3. REDUCING CO2 EMISSIONS:  Eikund has a continuous process of evaluating every part of the production to minimize environmentally damaging emissions. They will always ask themselves what is possible now and how quickly can they get there.
  4. REDUCE TOXIC CHEMICALS: Eikunds goal is to reduce exposure to toxic chemicals during the production process as well as in the final product. Environmentally friendly steps in their manufacturing are not always possible to see in their products, but this is an important aspect of who they are, and they make it a company promise to keep pushing sustainability with every means possible.
  5. SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY: At Eikund, the social aspect of sustainability is equally as important as the climate and environmental responsibility. They want to take good care of everybody who works for them and with them. Every person is equal and should be treated thereafter. And they expect the same values to be reflected throughout the whole value chain, including their different partners and suppliers.

Eikund is a company that takes the design legacy seriously and who aims to tell the unique story of every product.  A story adapted to, and honouring, the time that we live in. SMINK is proud to stand alongside them as they launch Norwegian classics into a new and sustainable future.