Made in Italy
Verzelloni, a family owned company that started in 1950, is now a company of professionals that research technology, design, and quality.

Far from the extreme, Verzelloni plays an elegant and reflective style, mindful of the needs of today's contemporary client.  The Verzelloni Collection quietly characterizes its surroundings, transforming them to a comfortable moment.

Verzelloni research center and the synergy with the design studio Lievore Altherr Molina make the creation of this style possible, keeping it alive in any detail.

Verzelloni’s products meet global quality requisites illustrated in the Booklet of the Global Quality Verzelloni.  The company has a self regulation following high standards in the selection of materials, coverings and details. Great care is dedicated to the correctness of the entire production process and in particular to the safeguard of the environment and to energy saving.