Cradle Sofa

By Arflex

Arflex presents Cradle family, a system composed of armchair and sofa designed by NEIR&HU in 2018. Their characteristic is based on the structure: a classic triangular construction, that is repeated several times around the models so that you can admire it from each point of view. A belting leather that rolls up around the frame, holding soft cushions, is fixed between the structure of the feet that creates a cradle which gives harmony with the contrasts of the materials. 

The armchair and the sofa draw both from the rich lineage of Italian furniture, known for its bold sculptural shapes, as well as from the modernist sensibility that demands an honest structural expression. Rather than conceal the framework and attempt to make the models levitate off the ground, the elegant crafted supporting elements themselves become the highlight of the pieces. The frame is realized in moulded polyurethane foam and is placed on a black painted aluminum frame. The strap in leather is available in the colors black or brown.

Technical Information

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