Cross Flag

By Minotti

Entirely handcrafted according to an ancient Indian handicraft tradition, Cross Flag is the rug with an aesthetic that sums up the meeting of different cultures, enhancing the characteristics of the weaving technique and the material with which it is made. 

The use of the rarest and most precious wools and the fringe at the end make it a precious furnishing accessory; on the other hand, the backing bound with a compact weave of breathable and stabilizing cotton guarantees maximum durability. 

The irregularity of its design is carefully controlled by the inclusion of frisé wool yarns in the weft and warp weave, giving the rug as a whole a soft three-dimensional appearance, with a thickness of 26/28 mm. The Cross Flag rug is available in one version only with a 2/3 in White color and 1/3 in Ash color for the background, a black border and white fringes.

The colors proposed are soft neutral shades that harmonize perfectly with the colors of the materials used for the frames and upholstered elements of the seats in the collection. 

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