Materic Ovale

By Porro

Porro’s ongoing research into materials, manufacturing techniques and shapes that generate emotions revolves once again around Materic, the table project conceived in 2017 by Piero Lissoni with the idea of experimenting with the versatility of matter in elementary geometries.

Part of the 2022 collections is the version of Materic with a new oval tabletop and a truncated cone base, both in brushed Latte ash, or both in brushed black stained ash or both in brushed olive ash. The base is also available in matt satin stainless steel or burnished brass finish, both can be combined with the top in brushed Latte ash, brushed black painted ash or brushed olive ash.

A silent object epitomizing visual harmony, poetically minimal, vibrating in space and enchanting with the delicate nuances of nature.

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