Bovirke Table

By House of Finn Juhl

The Bovirke Table, designed by Finn Juhl in 1948, embodies a simple, elegant, and highly versatile design. Functionalism unites with aesthetics in this timeless dining table that is beautifully crafted at our wood workshop in Ringkøbing on the West Coast of Denmark. The table is crafted in either oak or walnut, or in a combination with an oak frame and walnut for the top and toes. Two extension leaves can be ordered for the extendable version. The table is also available in a non-extendable version. The frame is manufactured in solid wood and the table top and extension leaves are crafted in veneer or linoleum with solid edges.

The Table, which House of Finn Juhl has been given special permission to name the Bovirke Table, was first presented at the exhibition “New Home” in Copenhagen in 1948. The table was part of Bovirke’s stand, which was entirely carried out by Finn Juhl. The owner of Bovirke Poul H. Lund was the first person to see the advantages of manufacturing Finn Juhl’s furniture on a more industrial level. Light, quality furniture that was adapted to the modern lifestyle of the time, but with a special idiom. 

Finn Juhl has the ability to make functionalism unite with aesthetics, which in particular applies to this simple and elegant, extendable table. The wave-shaped cross bar allows you to move your legs freely under the table.

At the same time, the table is incredibly practical, because the extension leaves can be stored away inside the table. When the leaves are to be used, the split table top smoothly slides open thanks to the clever pine mechanism.  

The curved cross bar aligns with Finn Juhl’s organic designs and fits perfectly with the 46 chair or the Reading Chair.  One of Finn Juhl’s many design characteristics was to combine two types of wood, thereby distinguishing the elements from each other and achieving visual lightness. The Bovirke Table can be ordered either completely in oak or walnut or in combination with the frame in oak and the top and toes in walnut.

The table is crafted with a frame in solid wood and table top and extension leaves in veneer. Without the extension leaves the table fits 4-6 people, while it fits up to 10 people with the extension leaves in use. The table is also available in a non-extendable version. The table is manufactured at House of Finn Juhl’s own workshop in Ringkøbing on the West Coast of Denmark.

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