By Minotti

Designed by Brazilian architect Marcio Kogan / studio mk27, the Superquadra furniture line takes its name from the pilot town planning design by Lúcio Costa with Oscar Niemeyer, conceived in 1956 for a residential neighbourhood of Brasilia and presented as a series of basic prefab houses.

The square volumes of the famous buildings suspended on agile pilotis are revamped to characterise sideboards, benches, coffee tables, console table and tables of the Superquadra family.
The architectural imprint that characterises the airy volumes of the Superquadra storage units, translates into the graphic minimalism of the Superquadra line of coffee tables, benches and console tables.

The elements rest on a base with protruding legs, in aluminium with a polished Brandy varnished finish, giving the products an ultra-lightweight look.
The discreet design is animated by a mix of fine quality materials - marble, wood, fabric and leather - used for the shelves and seats, and interpreted in a modern, textured style. With Superquadra, Marcio Kogan / studio mk27 reaffirms the identity of a style with its roots in the 1950s, sporting a mix of characteristics balanced between the past and the present.

The benches, characterised by different densities of cushioning, are available in two heights (cm 34 and cm 42) and come in four versions: with all-fabric or leather covering (cm 126x128), with seat paired with a top in Dark Brown stained palisander Santos (cm 126x128), with seat set beside a top in Calacatta or Sahara Noir marble (cm 182x58) or with two tops, in solid wood and Calacatta marble or in wood and Sahara Noir marble (cm 182x102).

The coffee tables can be square or rectangular and are available in two heights. In addition to the versions featuring top in Calacatta marble or Sahara Noir marble with a matt polyester varnished finish, both made with the folding technique, they are also available with a top composed of a single piece of Dark Brown stained palisander Santos, with matt polyester lacquered finish, or a Dark Brown stained Canaletto walnut wood staved top.

The furnishing accessories are characterised by their bold textures, clearly visible in the versions that feature a distinctive top in a combination of marble and solid wood.

Conceived to be set alongside sofas and seats, in an elegant interplay of overlaps that also engages the console table, the Superquadra coffee tables embody the intense compositional versatility of the line.

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