By Minotti

Jensen chair is designed by Rodolfo Dordoni for Minotti and exemplifies the combination of Italian technology and master upholsterers.  Design and comfort meet in this piece to provide relaxation of unsurpassed beauty in an armchair.  The metal frame is surrounded with fireproof polyurethane foam in various densities.  The front section of the frame has channeled goose down padding to enhance the softness giving the armchair backrest a comfortable support.  The seat cushion is goose down with a high density polyurethane foam insert.  Fabric and leather upholstry is completely removable.  The base of the armchair can be swivel, rotation of 60 degrees each side, or fixed.  It is done in a molded die cast aluminium pewter colored with an extra glossy anti-touch finish.  The footrest/ottoman base does not swivel.  Protective glides on the feet.  A SMINK showroom model.

Technical Features

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