Daiki Studio

By Minotti

Inspired by his many trips to Japan, the Daiki seat, part of the collection since 2020 in both indoor and outdoor versions, is the expression of the Brazilian architect’s passion for Japanese culture and is now available in an office version.

Made using sophisticated wood crafting techniques, the curved body is composed of two elements joined at a 45° angle, which guarantee maximum comfort. In Dark Brown stained palisander Santos, or Black-coloured open-pore lacquered flamed ash wood, the body provides a snug fit for the cushioning.

Daiki Studio is available in five versions, designed for different functions and uses.

Alongside an Executive armchair on wheels, with high backrest and a five-spoke base in Bronze-coloured varnished steel – a 360° swivel base with no return mechanism, but with height and rocker adjustment mechanisms – four more armchairs with lower backrest are available: an armchair with the same characteristics of the Executive armchair, but smaller; an armchair with a 360° swivel base composed of four spokes and feet, with return mechanism; a lounge armchair with legs in aluminium and, finally, a version of the same piece that is 10 cm taller, ideal for setting beside a table or a desk.

All the armchairs can be completely covered in leather or fabric, or feature armrests in Carbone-coloured Aspen leather and fabric cushioning. The cover, in leather or fabric, always features stitching, except in the Executive version, which also sports a slightly quilted effect.

Daiki Studio offers a design that explores and reinterprets the American Mid-Century moods in its bold, clean lines, fine materials and balanced proportions.

Technical Features

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