Dibbets Rainbow

By Minotti

As the one of the key elements in contributing to the ambiance of any room becomes more technical with the introduction of more resistant fibers, Minotti introduces Dibbets Rainbow, a rug with an unusual, yet refined blend of colors for a softly nuanced effect.  Rodofo Dordoni designed these two rugs inspired by the properties of Lyocell - fibers with an amazing ability to reflect light and accept dye of any color.  The nuanced effect is achieved by mixing various colors: white, ecru, grey and pewter for "Arctic" Dibbets Rainbow; rust, petroleum and ecru for "Forest" Dibbets Rainbow.  A newer introduction welcomes the variation called "Boreal" that combines ecru, grey, blue and brown.  Also, new to the Dibbets Rainbow collection is the addition of the round rugs in diameters of 3.5 and 5 meters.   

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