By Bocci

The 21 series is made with a random amount of raw porcelain, which is flattened and rolled into a pancake shape. This is then wrapped around a frosted borosilicate glass inverted trumpet diffuser. The thin porcelain skin is allowed to flop over the borosilicate core to create whatever form is most natural to it. This makes a unique form, of varying size, in every iteration of the fabrication process.  21 pendants are designed to be arranged in groupings, such that the pieces touch each other to form clumps. The relatively simple shapes of the individual pendants, when placed in a group, make a complex sculptural form.  Each diffuser houses a low voltage (12V, 20Watt xenon) lamp.  A strong contrast is established between the organically distributed soft light passing through the translucent white porcelain skin and the sharp, crisp light passing through the borosilicate glass diffuser.

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