Porro’s production vision makes it a protagonist not only of the home environment, but also in the contract sector. The designs’ wide range of finishes and their durability, high-tech details including patented devices, their functionality and versatility satisfy a full spectrum of requirements and look just as good in large public spaces (such as offices or hotels) as in smaller ones (bars, cafés, restaurants). Its trade know-how enables Porro to perfectly blend industrial production with craft processes which ensure total product quality, thus resolving the various issues connected with detailed projects.

Because of Porro's size and versatility they are able to industrially manufacture products for specific settings; such as Piero Lissoni’s Spindle chairs for the breakfast room of the Hotel Mirò in Bilbao or for the café of the Berlin Opera House.  Porro can provide products designed or modified to give the desired effect in any environment.   This versatility and flexible range gives even further prestige to the Porro brand because it embraces design characteristics which can adapt to market requirements.

For contract project inquiries please contact Autumn Smink

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